View Full Version : Hike Becomes Quest to Find Writer of Decades-Old Letter

10-09-2012, 10:41 AM
I read this article on Yahoo News and found it very interesting. May not be the first official geocache, but sure is a great first log sheet....

http://news.yahoo.com/hike-becomes-quest-writer-decades-old-letter-193624434--abc-news-topstories.html (http://news.yahoo.com/hike-becomes-quest-writer-decades-old-letter-193624434--abc-news-topstories.html)

10-09-2012, 11:44 AM
You can get the follow up Here (http://www.fox5sandiego.com/news/kswb-local-judge-thrilled-after-hiker-finds-40yearold-note-20121008,0,2847612.story). And yes this was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

10-09-2012, 10:24 PM
Thats an awesome story. Thanks for the follow up too!