View Full Version : ArkGeo Board of Directors Election - 2012 - Nominations

03-04-2012, 11:58 PM
Nominations for Board of Director positions from the general membership are now open. For the 2012 Election, there will be two Board positions that will need to be filled. Nominations may be sent by Private Message or email to the chair of the Election Committee (Flannelman (http://arkgeocaching.org/member.php?289-flannelman)) or to any Board member (http://arkgeocaching.org/index.php?pageid=current_staff). Please read these rules before submitting your nomination:

* The ArkGeo Bylaws define a member as follows: “Each applicant for membership shall be required to provide ArkGeo with their name, address, phone, email address, and geocaching alias, as well as other information deemed necessary for contact and identification of a candidate. Any applicant who has provided ArkGeo with the above information, supports the goals of ArkGeo as described in the Mission Statement, is at least 18 years of age, and is a resident of the State of Arkansas or bordering states will be considered a member of ArkGeo. Any member who is in good standing with ArkGeo will be eligible to vote.”

* Any member of ArkGeo who has been a voting member of ArkGeo for a minimum of one (1) year as of the date nominations close will be eligible to run for a Board position.

* Any member may submit nominations.

* Any individual that is nominated by at least two members will become a candidate, if willing.

If you would like to nominate someone, it would be best to discuss this with the person you are nominating first, to be sure they are eligible and willing to run.

If you are not a voting member of ArkGeo, it is easy to join and costs nothing. Just click the "Voting Booth" link, then click "Voter Registration" and sign up.

Nominations will close at midnight March 31. The final ballot will be assembled and published on the web site in mid-April. Voting will begin on May 1 and will close on May 30.

It should be noted that voter registration will be closed from the day that nominations close to the day the election closes (April 1 - June 1). This will allow the Election Committee to have an accurate list of Voting Members.