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11-14-2011, 10:50 AM
OCTOBER 28, 2011
changed from Oct. 14 due to the possibility of not having a quorum

Round Table Discussion

* Open discussion

Call to Order

Roll Call of Members Present
Roll Call of Members Present
Richard Lee (idratherbehiking)
Tim Stone (BSA534)
David Spicer (paris1time)
Chris Denton (cpdenton)
Ron Laster (1/2 of rklmbl)
Kent Uhrich (KnKinCabot)
Judy Vaughn (mathseeker)

Visitors Present:
Wayne Lunsford (gaddiel)
Pat Vaughn (woodwalker9)
MariBeth Laster (mbl of rklmbl)
Morgan O'Neal (drmo913)
Jason Dickerson (jasondickerson)

Mike Waid (CardsFans55) (via teleconference)

Officers' Reports

1) President's Report

President’s Report to the Board
by Richard Lee
October 28th, 2011

It has been a relatively quiet quarter for ArkGeo due to the many other commitments of members during this time of year..

The Fund Raising and Membership Relations committees have been working hard on getting the design contest going for our next AkGeo Geocoin. The design contest is nearing its end and the voting will begin soon.

As of Thursday, October 27th there are a total of 222 registered voters, giving us an increase of 11 since last quarter. Of those 222 approximately 100 or more members show no activity on the site in the past year. The Membership Relations committee is discussing ways to contact those inactive members.

During the quarter there were no ArkGeo Eat-N-Greets held. Look for more coming soon along with another CITO on our section of the Ozark Highlands Trail.

ArkGeo is not going to be able to participate in the GIS Day event at Verizon arena this year as we we have the past two years. This is due to a format change in their event, however, we are gong to be kept in mind for a spot at next year’s event.

The ArkGeo web site still continues to perform well and I would like to thank Kevin Cackler for all his hard work keeping us going.

A great big Thanks to all of those who volunteer and spend some their time promoting ArkGeo and geocaching in the state of Arkansas.

2) Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report
Beginning balance: $ 2135.83
Withdrawal: ECS Printing for trading cards $113.66
Deposits: Interest $ 1.32
Ending balance: $ 2023.49

3) Website Manager's Report

Work has begun on creating a points system on the ArkGeo website. I'm hoping that it will be completed by the end of the year. A hosted Google Apps account has been created for our domain name and addresses created. I have yet to begin the scripting side of the email migration.

Website traffic has steadily increased over the last 3 months. August 2011 saw 192,133 requests. September 2011 saw 217,161 requests. And so far in October, we've received 373,056 requests.

Committee/Other Reports

1) Election Committee
The Election Committe's current members are:

Will Pumphery - Flannelman (Chair)
Richard Lee - Idratherbehiking
Reid Henry - SJClimber
Edie Obryant - Edieo
Beth Daniel -topkitty98

Chris Denton - Cpdenton (board Liaison)

The election committee has brought up in the forums getting Started on next years board elections. It has also been suggested that we start speaking at events (if the event organizers will allow)about encouraging members to
serve on the board if asked.

2) Fund Raising Committee

Fundraising Committee Report for October 28, 2011 ArkGeo Board Meeting

The following was approved at the previous board meeting:
ArkGeo treasurer/fund raising reporting. Standardized and detailed.
Records must be kept of all costs and all profits for each fund-raising activity. Fundraising committee liaison will give full accounting of funds entrusted to the committee in written form to the Board at each quarterly Board meeting. This will include an inventory report and a sales report. An amount of 40 dollars will be kept with merchandise and will be verified before any sales are made. All other monies will be deposited in a timely manner.

What this means:
1. The board would like for our committee to post a "Sales Report" and an "Inventory Report" after each event where we sell merchandise.
2. Only $40 should be left in the bag after an event (broken into small bills), the rest should be deposited. Beth is in the process of moving the account to Regions Bank. I requested that she put a book of deposit slips on the bag as well. That way anyone can write up a deposit slip (including the event name on the memo) and make a deposit at any Regions Bank. They will mail the receipt to Beth so she can record it. I checked and there seem to be Regions all over the state, so this should help get the money into our account much quicker.

The committee decided on the following submission guidelines for an ArkGeo coin:
Arkansas Geocoin 2.0 - Submission Guidelines
The Fundraising Committee met on a conference call and determined the following recommendations for items to be included on any coin design submitted: Must include:
- "Track at geocaching.com" along with a blank for tracking number. (as per tracking requirements)
- "Arkansas Geocachers Association"
- "arkgeocaching.org"
- 2011

The coin may be upto 2" in diameter.
The coin MAY be round OR a custom shape (ie: Arkansas)

The guidelines were passed on to the Member Relations Committee.

The committee was invited and sold merchandise at the Paris event in October. The following merchandise was sold:
1 Lg Pink Shirt
2 Camo Caps
4 Soda Bottles
5 Black Auto Stickers
3 Hiking Stick Medalions
7 Pathtags
2 Caribeiners

Total sales: $106.00

The committee was invited to sell merchandise at the “Fired Up” event in SE Arkansas and the Halloween event in Foulke but no members of the committee were able to attend these events.

Click on the link below for current inventory.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...=0&output=html (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AusORII7BflUdFpMd0EwcHNmdmRiR3hiQlV1MlZPb EE&single=true&gid=0&output=html)

Respectfully submitted
Tim Stone

3) Community Relations Committee
Community Relations Committee
Board Liaison (Kent Uhrich)
Current Members:
Chair Needed
David Spicer - Paris1Time
Jim Sick - Sayitagain
Clark Gray - cfd29
Bruce Crane - Quartzcachers
Brett Phillips - BrettP2004
Jim and Susan Yeager - Apache Scout

The following has asked to be on the committee:
Pat Vaughn - WoodWalker9
Mike Waid - Cardsfan55

Mike did a presentation of Geocaching 101 at the library in Little Rock for kids and Adults.

A Girl Scout troop in North Little Rock has contacted us about doing a hands on Geocaching 101
for their scouts. As we discussed it more, they are wanting something that would be for the area
Girl Scouts, not just their troop.

4) Events Committee
Events Committee Report to the Board prepared by David Spicer (Board Liaison)

Current Events Committee Members:
David Spicer - paris1time (Board Liaison)
Jason Nuckols - jclaudii (Chair)
Richard Lee - idratherbehiking
Ken Hayes - Nukeworker
Brian Bryant - B62GTAWK
Blair Shelton - pshelto
Jim Fryar - likestocanoeF150
Sandy Fryar - likestocanoe
Judy Franklin - jffok
Lisa Nuckols - southerngirl
Ron White - ronwhite

During the last Board Meeting David Spicer was appointed to the Events Committee as the Board Liaison.

There is no activity by the Events Committee to report in the last quarter.

5) Membership Relations CommitteeThe Membership Relations Committee is made up of:
Ron White - ronwhite (Board Liaison)
Judy Vaughn - MathSeeker (Chairman)
Justin Murphree - arkfiremedic
Morgan O'Neal - drmo913
Sharon & Glynn Simmons - Flyfishingcachers
ArkGeo Coin Design Contest is taking place. Committee is looking for ways to get members involved and active in ArkGeo.

Old Business

1) Moving Ark Geo bank account to Regions Bank - We are currently
waiting for Regions to move the signature card through
interdepartmental mail. (Progress!) We anticipate this move to
be completed within the week. Beth will then pursue setting up a
new PayPal account.

2) ArkGeo Trading Cards – Cards have been completed and are being placed in caches, especially the ArkGeo Caches.

3) History – Wayne Lunsford is working on the history of ArkGeo: i.e. How it got started, Significant events timeline, partnerships, list of past and current officers, and steering committee

4) ArkGeo Facebook Page – Motion was made by David Spicer and Second by Chris Denton for the ArkGeoFacebook page to be administered by the Membership Relations committee. Motion Carried.

5) ArkGeo board members participation and commitments – Board members should log in regularly and participate in the board forum. Business can be conducted in the forums throughout the quarter.

6) Improving communication with membership through Forums - Board members should log in regularly and participate in the forums

New business
1) Annual Event – Motion made by Chris Denton and Second by Kent Uhrich to move the annual meeting to June 9th. Motion carried.
2) Looking into revamping the annual event

3) Members can submit news on the home page of ArkGeo

Next meeting - January 13, 2012 - Conway?

11-16-2011, 06:46 AM
I see that the date of the annual meeting has changed. What was the original date? And why the change? Also, is it true that the location of the annual meeting may be moved from Ft. Smith Lake State Park?

11-17-2011, 12:01 PM
It is being discussed in our committee area and the info we talk about is being picked up by David Spicer - paris1time (Board Liaison) and sent to the board if/when we make a recommendation. We are looking at several other locations along with Ft. Smith still as well to help accommodate ark geo's needs and the needs of the members who will attend. If anyone is interested to know more please feel free to PM me or if you want to help out your welcome to join our committee. Thanks!

11-17-2011, 07:58 PM
The Board voted to move the date of the event due to the original date being so close to GeoWoodstock X. There had also been some concerns about there being very limited lodging at or near the Lake Fort Smith location and also comments from members about the heat factor for an outdoor event. The Board has asked the Events committee to make a recommendation to the Board for a format and location for the event in June.

12-14-2011, 04:51 PM
Any word on for sure the date of the annual meeting and where?? I have to put in for vacation a lot in advance and will have to do some changing as I already had the first date arranged.. Any news??

12-28-2011, 06:21 PM
As the end of the year is nearly upon us, I was wondering how ArkGeo has performed against its goals for 2011. Would the Board please provide the membership with a status on each of the goals for 2011? Also, which goals were changed at the July meeting and why? Thanks!

12-30-2011, 06:25 AM
As the end of the year is nearly upon us, I was wondering how ArkGeo has performed against its goals for 2011. Would the Board please provide the membership with a status on each of the goals for 2011? Also, which goals were changed at the July meeting and why? Thanks!

Starting a new thread for this, as this is a little off topic for this thread.

01-05-2012, 07:05 PM
Any word on for sure the date of the annual meeting and where?? I have to put in for vacation a lot in advance and will have to do some changing as I already had the first date arranged.. Any news??Has there been any word on this? If so, I apologize in advance. 

01-09-2012, 09:55 AM
To all looking for the date of the Ark Geo Annual Meeting...It is June 9th which is on a Saturday. I am submitting all the information for all the sites the Events Committee came up with to the Board for this Friday's meeting so a decision can be made about the location.

01-09-2012, 03:47 PM
Thanks events committee for all the hard work in adjusting this event!