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06-08-2011, 01:10 PM
I pulled up the ArkGeo website yesterday morning from home, but tried again that afternoon and it would not load for me. I tried again today, and still no luck. I checked with another member and they were able to load it using their iPhone, so that told me the website was up and the problem was elsewhere. I tried my iPhone at home and it would not load when I was on WiFi, but it would load when I switched off WiFi and used the AT&T network. I am also able to get onto the website from work (which is where I am posting this message from).

Any suggestions on what might be causing the problem?

06-08-2011, 05:09 PM
I'm no expert, so other than trying the Microsoft fix on your router and Dsl modem or cable modem,(turning everything off and letting it restart) I will be no help on this issue.

Maybe Kevin or some other Internet guru will be along soon.

Good Luck!


06-08-2011, 05:13 PM
This is obviously a routing issue with your ISP at your house. Can you perform a traceroute and PM it to me, please? There will be little I can do about it, but I will be able to offer advice on your next best step. Follow the instructions at http://wiki.ocssolutions.com/How_to_Perform_a_Traceroute and you'll have information that I can use to see where the problem lies.

06-08-2011, 06:49 PM
Boy, that's mumble jumble to me. Sure glad we have someone around that knows what they're talking about!!!

06-09-2011, 08:34 AM
wow! awesome response there webmaster!

06-10-2011, 09:43 AM
I'm back online with the website, at least temporarily. Kevin and I exchanged several emails yesterday and he had me check this and that. The problem appeared to be some routing issues between my internet provider (Suddenlink) and the website, and Kevin exhausted all he could look at and suggest to help me. I called Suddenlink this morning and they walked me through several things to check. As it turns out, the problem is with my wireless router. My desktop computer is connected by ethernet cable directly to the router, so I am not using the wireless function for that computer. However, if I disconnect the router from the modem and connect my computer directly to the modem, the problem goes away. Weird. Not all websites are affected. ArkGeo is just the only one I haven't been able to get onto, although some others (like Google) have been extremely slow. Anyway, if I bypass the router, the problem goes away. I don't know if the router is bad (less than 6 months old) or if there is a bug with it I can fix. I have reset it to the factory settings twice and did not clear up the problem.

Anyway, that's my status. I need to connect the router back up because my wife needs the WiFi connection to the internet for her computer and her work. So I will be off the site for a while until I can get this problem solved. I really don't want to shell out more $$$ for another router!

06-11-2011, 07:33 AM
What if your friend, Chuck Walla, wasn't able to log on? 8O

I have a friend who recently had some issues after upgrading to 10 megs. The ISP said it was the router, the router people said it was the internet connection. He got a pop-up add that recommended cleaning his registry (for $30, of course). He thought, "Well, I probably need that anyway" and used it. No problems since. Hmmm.

06-13-2011, 09:36 AM
June 13 Update: I hooked up my old router last Friday and the problem went away. So I called up the technical support number for my new router this morning. I had not contacted them last week because when I checked their website and called their support number, I was informed by the recording that they charged a fee for over-the-phone technical support for anything over 90 days after purchase :(!!! Since I have had the router for a little over 5 months, I didn't want to pay the fee, so I tried other things instead. One of the things I tried was to run through the setup wizard that came with my router. At the completion of that, there was a product registration step. I thought, "Why not?", so I did it and then I received an email that I had 90 days of complimentary online support!:D

When I called the technical support line this morning, they walked me through a lot of checks on the router setup that I had already done on my own and some I hadn't. Finally, they said it was a problem with my router (DUH!) and it would have to be replaced under the existing 1-year warranty.:DSo I am packaging it up and sending it out today. Hopefully, I will get the replacement within a week or so, but in the meantime, I am running off my old router. My wife can still use it - it just doesn't have as strong a signal and so is slower. But it works!