View Full Version : Old Military Ordnance Found in NLR's Burns Park

04-22-2011, 01:47 PM
Some old military ordnance has been found at Burns Park in North Little Rock.

The discovery was made in mid-February during construction of natural hiking and bicycle trails.

Workers found three old artillery rounds, one mortar, and one fuse near the main Boy Scout trail head located southwest of Interstate 40, south of J. K. Poch Drive, and north of the RV Park.

The North Little Rock Police and Fire Departments, along with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team for the Little Rock Air Force Base (LRAFB) worked together to ensure the items were stable before removing them to LRAFB.

The area where they were found is temporarily closed for assessment.

Burns Park was once part of Camp Robinson/Camp Pike and Fort Roots before the city bought 870 acres in 1949 to create the park. Another 656 acres was added from the Fort Roots Reservation in 1956.

Military relics, including munitions, have been found at Burns Park before, but last month's find is the greatest concentration of munitions yet uncovered.

Records have been requested from the government to determine the past use of the site to aid in the assessment of the area.

While Burns Park officials say in its 60-year history there has never been an accidental detonation of abandoned military ordnance there, they urge visitors to understand the risks associated with old military ordnance and to call police if any are found.

A search of the area by park personnel has not turned up any other munitions, but until an assessment is complete, visitors are advised to stay on designated trails and to remember no digging or fires are allowed.

UPDATE: Talked with Jeff Keplinger of NLR parks a few minutes ago. He said the affected trails have signs posted. The general area that ordnance have been found are north of Arlene Layman and south of I-40, not including the Yellow Trail/Wooden Bridge area. Additionally, he said that if a geocacher were to see something that looks out of place (even a cache that is not a geocache from geocaching.com (http://geocaching.com)) BACK OFF, mark it on the GPSr, and give him (501) 791-8545 or the police a call.