View Full Version : Ignorant Question On Searching For Types of Caches

11-18-2010, 06:18 PM
The wife and I really enjoy two types of caches...Bridges and Cemeteries.

Is there a way that I can do a "search" just for those types (usually in the cache name) with in a certain distance?

I have looked at the basic searches and tried creating queries over on the mother-ship but with no luck. I would think that there is a way.

Thanks for the time.

11-18-2010, 06:46 PM

Don't let the program intimidate you. Generate your pocket query for your area and import it into GSAK. Then just do a search for "bridge" (Or whatever criteria best fits your preferred caches) and you'll get a list that you can easily sort by distance/difficulty/terrain....

11-22-2010, 06:14 AM
Thanks for the time.

You are right, not that I was intimidated but I never took the time to look into what it really did Thanks for the prodding.

12-11-2010, 09:24 AM
Very helpful (although I haven't tested it). I haven't used GSAK in a few years, as DeLorme has a simpler program, but I re-downloaded it again based on your advice, Kevin. I was about to tell mike-ski that he was just out of luck on his fairy-tale wish!

12-13-2010, 07:03 AM
But I am going to do this. As soon as I get over this hump in this time of the year I will repost my results.