View Full Version : Cantrell Windmill

09-01-2010, 09:04 PM
The Cantrell windmill (GC25G6H) needs help. For years the windmill on the old Glen Johnson ranch west of Little Rock has been sitting on the top of a hill North of Highway 10. Its really a pretty site with the blades turning in the wind and pinacle mountain in the background. Unfortunatly about 6 weeks ago the blades fell off and plummeted to the ground. Since I had not logged this cache at this time I quickly took the time to find the cache and placed in my log the hopes that someone would repair the windmill since it had been a fixture on highway 10 for so long. I contacted the owner of The Ranch a couple of weeks ago and he said he would like to repair the windmill but doesn't have any windmill fixing contacts. Does anybody have any idea who around the state might fix windmills? I know these are a dying breed but just thought maybe someone might know someone who could put new blades on it. The ones that fell off are pretty bent so I doubt if they could be salvaged unless it was by someone who really knew what they were doing.

09-24-2010, 06:18 PM
I passed by there yesterday on one of our VA trips (or was it day before yesterday .... with now about 7-10 trips each month, between me & pop, can't keep them sorted out). Anyway, having already found that cache, I always look at the windmill when passing by. I did think in the back of my mind that something looked different, but didn't remember if it had blades on it before or not.

I don't know windmills, nor anyone who does, but can throw my vote in that this landmark really needs taken care of & repaired.