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06-18-2010, 09:24 PM
Mathseeker and I have just returned from a trip to south Arkansas where we did two outstanding power trails.

First we did tinmanjones' I Spy series that consists of 36 fun hides from El Dorado to Magnolia. Most are easy PnGs, but a couple are a little challenging and we really had a great time doing them.

The other trail is the L.A. or LA.? series by arkfiremedic & tinmanjones. There are 101 of these fun hides that honor both Arkansas and Louisiana cachers. They are along state line road with Arkansas on the north side of the road and Louisiana on the south. The hides honoring Arkansas cachers are in Arkansas and the ones honoring Louisiana cachers are in Louisiana. There's one stretch of the road that dips down into Louisiana and contains 17 caches. This stretch is named Xtra and honors cachers from other states including Mississippi and Texas.

We did the complete series and had no DNFs and all the caches were in great shape. They were mostly baby soda bottles, but there were a couple of ammo cans thrown in.

Both of these trails have been well planned and thought out and are very well executed. My hat's off to arkfiremedic and tinmanjones for their hard work in placing these fun hides and I would recommend this area as a great geocaching destination.

06-21-2010, 03:03 PM
Wow! Thanks WoodWalker!
I speak for both, AFM and myself, when we say we are honored anytime anyone comes to our area to find caches that we've placed!

My friend AFM has put forth a TON of work on the L.A. or LA? trail, with more coming soon!
We plan to expand this trail in the very near future!

We invite everyone to our little section of the planet!
If you plan to come to L.A. (Lower Arkansas) and plan to be here for a day or two, contact AFM or myself and lets try to plan a evening that we can sit, fellowship, and grab something to eat!

We enjoy the fellowship with our geocaching family as much as we enjoy hiding or finding caches!
So please, dont hesitate to contact us if youre planning a trip to this area!

Again, thanks WoodWalker!

PS... Thanks Pat and Judy for some great logs on the iSpy trail! Reading yalls logs is what makes a trail like this so much fun me!

06-21-2010, 05:33 PM
I echo TinmanJones when I say the excellent finders logs are worth the time, effort, and expense we both put into the trail, or anyone puts into a cache placement for that matter. The one bad thing about 'owning' a power trail is the "cut and paste" logs. I know it is hard to come up with individual and unique logs for each cache visited, but it sure is nice when people at least make an attempt at such. Thank you for the advertisement Woodwalker. Just now I checked the emails and the trail just logged the 3000th find. These caches have been out less than three months and all have been found over 30 times each! Wow! And to think there is talk about people who don't like power trails...

Before the event in August everyone should look for the debut of the L.A. or LA? Part II and the re-placement of Cachemates WORLD FAMOUS "Tool Time" series that will be out before the event. Can't wait until then so we can see all our friends we have made over the last couple years we have cached. See you then.

06-22-2010, 10:12 PM
I wondered where those Tool Time caches went. Glad they are getting a new life. Those are some of my favorite caches ever!