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05-26-2010, 07:03 PM
Could a sticky be added somewhere that has the list of board members and committee members? Maybe sticky them in the Ark Geo Assn. forum?

05-27-2010, 08:49 AM
The list of board of directors is on this site under the Contents tab by clicking on ArkGeo Documents and then Current Staff. I have listed it below for you.

As of now I cannot find where the committee members are listed on the site but I have listed them below also.

I will see what I can do to get them listed or a link posted to a list somewhere.
Thanks for bringing up this issue.

Board of Directors

Beth Daniel (topkitty98) - July 1, 2010
Bert Drake (LongDogs) - July 1, 2010
Pat Vaughn (woodwalker9) - July 1, 2010
Jerry Turner (cachemates) - July 1, 2010
Frank Philpott (OldRiverRunner) - July 1, 2010
David Spicer - (paris1time) - July 1, 2011
Mike Pinkston - (Team_Pink) - July 1, 2011
Richard Lee - (idratherbehiking) - July 1, 2012

Executive Committee:

Immediate Past President: Frank Philpott (OldRiverRunner)
President: Pat Vaughn (woodwalker9)
Executive Vice-President: David Spicer (paris1time)
Treasurer: Beth Daniel (topkitty98)
Secretary: Jerry Turner (cachemates)
Website Manager: Bert Drake (LongDogs)

*See bylaws for term details.

ArkGeo Committees

Events Committee (Chair Needed)
Richard Lee - idratherbehiking (Board Liaison)
Ken Hayes - Nukeworker
Sue Hayes - Nukeworker
Brian Bryant - B62GTAWK
Blair Shelton - pshelto
Brenda Bain - bluesybreeze
Sandy Fryar - likestocanoe2

Community Relations Committee
Jerry Turner - cachemates (Board Liaison)
David Spicer - Paris1Time (Chair)
Brenda O'Reilly - Butterfly Diver
Jim Sick - Sayitagain
Clark Gray - cfd29
Bruce Crane - Quartzcachers
Judy Thiedig - MathSeeker
Linda Treadway - angel06

Election Committee(Chair needed)
Beth Daniel - topkitty98 (Board Liaison)
Brenda O'Reily - butterflydiver
Janice Morris - LuckyOneInAR
Richard Lee - Idratherbehiking
Reid Henry - SJClimber
Will Pumphery - Flannelman

Fund Raising Committee
Mike Pinkston - Team_Pink (Board Liaison)
Brian Landers - GeoJeepers (Chair)
Brenda Bain - bluesybreeze
Chris Atkins - OENavigator
Tim Stone - BSA534

05-28-2010, 07:33 PM