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04-27-2010, 04:05 PM
ArkGeo Members can now earn points for participation and those points can be redeemed for ArkGeo merchandise.

The guidelines are below and the first activity that members can earn points with is the May 2010 edition of "The Caching To Do List". The first member to successfully complete the contest will earn 200 points, 2nd 100 points, 3rd 50 points, and everyone else that successfully completes it will earn 25 points.

ArkGeo will be assigning point values to other future activities, so keep watching the forums!

Points for Participation Guidelines

1. "Points": From time to time the Arkansas Geocachers Association will assign a "points" value to an event, contest, and/or other ArkGeo sponsored activities. (Example: 200 points for being the first to complete "The Caching To Do List").
2. Only registered ArkGeo members are eligible to receive "points".
3. "Points" may only be awarded once for each activity that has been assigned a "points" value. (Example: You can't complete "The Caching to Do List" twice in a month and get double points).
3. ArkGeo members receive and can accumulate points for completing requirements that points have been assigned to.
4. ArkGeo merchandise or other items designated by ArkGeo will also have "redemption" values where ArkGeo members may trade points they have accumulated for the items eligible for redemption. (Example: Item has been assigned a value of 1200 points and a member has 1300 points, they made trade (deduct) 1200 points from their balance to get the item and still have 100 points left.)
5. "Points" are non-transferable and have no cash (can't resist or cache) value.
6. The Community Relations Committee Chairman or other volunteer appointed by them will maintain the list of ArkGeo members who have "points" and their balances.
7. The "points" balances will also be backed up and maintained by a board member on the ArkGeo "Google documents" account.
8. These guidelines may be amended as needed.