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04-01-2010, 08:18 PM
I have been debating for months upon exactly how & where I wanted to find my 1,000th cache. The "when" has never been an issue ... my birthday of April 11th.

At one time, it was going to be MOGA, coming up in a few days. But it doesn't look like I'll be making the trip up there. So I just noticed something interesting & have come up with the final (I think :?: ) solution. And the neat thing about it is that I won't be the ONLY cacher who will have something neat to do on the weekend of April 9,10, & 11.

The "something interesting" is that, before a Little Rock run yesterday, I liked almost the same amount of caches before having 1,000 finds AND 100 hides .... 19 & 17. So there was my answer.

My 1,000th find may not be one of those level 5/5's that some choose for that milestone, it may not be anything other than a film can on a stop-sign. I don't know WHAT it'll be yet, but that's not really important. It'll be my 1,000th, it'll be a smiley, & it'll be on my birthday.

My 100th hide WON'T be high difficulty, I already know that for sure. (It won't be a film can either, since I've never hid a single one of them. :lol: ) But it'll be my 100th hide, it'll be a smiley for someone, & it'll be on my birthday. I obviously have no control over when it's actually published, so that may not happen till AFTER the 11th .... but we'll see. Never can tell. But that's not really a detail of great importance here. The actual hide-date is what will mean most to me. :)

So BOTH of these milestones will occur on my birthday of April 11th.

No big deal to other cachers, right .... well, actually there kinda is. I've been scanning maps, getting any necessary permissions, & doing recon-trips on practically every cemetary in Yell County which I can find that doesn't currently have a cache. There are a surprising number of them, but I've been ruling out those which require pasture gates to be opened .... even though the owners don't mind at all for the cemetary to be visited. At least 3 which I've located are in this situation.

But I've ID'd plenty more that will work fine. 3/4's are in Yell, several in Perry, a couple in Scott, & perhaps a couple in Logan counties. I won't be venuring into Pope county, since that area is being developed just fine by many other cachers. I don't think I can find one in northern Montgomery which doesn't already have a cache, but there will be a few within a few miles of the county line. There will also be 2-3 church-only caches, with no cemetary attached, each of which has some various type of connection to myself.

Starting about tomorrow, I'll be working on a cemetary series, leading up to the 100th hide on April 11th. I like 17 currently & have identified 26 cemetaries in need of a cache. So narrowing it down to 17, in case of various issues like mentioned above, won't be a problem. There'll be no puzzles, extremely hard ones, prizes for doing the whole bunch, & possibly even no special FTF-SWAG in any of them .... just simple & fun finds.

So celebrate my birthday with me. I get 2 milestones, you get 17 fairly easy smileys over the next 10 days. :D

P.S. Just for the curious, I'll be 24. 8)

04-02-2010, 07:03 AM
good luck in the 1k find