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03-27-2010, 08:12 PM
Some one tell me about the Oregon 450 I am using a Garmin 60csx now. It screws up more than I like so I am thinking about another GPS Maybe even a new 60csx so someone convince me on which one I should get.

03-28-2010, 08:09 PM
I haven't personally used a 450, although it is 1 of 4 Garmins which I have thoroughly compared, preparing for a future purchase.

All of the info that I've received from fellow cachers (which isn't really that much) could be summed up in 2 remarks:

1. The 60csx whichyou currently have is a highly respected machine for GC'ing.

2. At least a fair percentage of 450 users haven't been very impressed with it's performance.

Being as I have never used either of the above, although I have SEEN them in use, I'm not going to attempt to make any recomendations on either. But the above may give you a little bit to consider.

The biggest advantage that I see in the 450, as compared to the other 3 on my list (eTrex HC, Dakota 30??, 60csx) is that the 450 is WhereIGo capable. But with only 1 of those in this state, and no desire to make any, I personally can't justify the extra cost for that one reason.

Now I CAN tell you a bit about the other 2.

1. Dakota -- DON'T buy one. I played with one for a while & it just felt like a really cheap toy. I was afraid I was going to break it if I squeezed it too hard. The display is also horribly undersized for a touch-screen, although bigger than the eTrex & possibly the 60csx. It might be okay for a kid or for ladies with smaller fingers however.

2. eTrex -- They are sorta an entry-level GPS, wihout all the bells & whistles of the Oregons & Colorados. But they are extremely popular for 2 reasons .... they are cheap .... and they work. There's several models. Legend, Venture, etc. But basically make sure you get one with the "H" (High Sensitivity) suffix, & the "C" (Color screen), if you want that last one. The "X" suffix stands for "Expandable", meaning that it accepts a memory card.

Strange thing on that latter part. Best I can figure, the "X" eTrex's have NO internal memory, but rely completely upon the card. Most other GPS's which use a card have at least a little bit of on-board memory. The eTrex's that AREN'T "X" models look to have a fairly whimpy amount of available memory, so not sure if they would handle high-detail map updates.

That's more than you wanted to know, but I get carried away sometimes. I gave you just a tiny bit of info one the Oregon. Maybe someone else who actually has used one can give you some more.

04-02-2010, 08:56 AM
Is anyone considering a Delorme pn-60 when it comes out in May...It looks to be a flagship of the pn line.