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03-21-2010, 12:57 AM
The Nevada Geocachers Association has developed a power-trail, which curiously is in California. Here it is: (I apologize for possibly making you scroll, if you aren't set up with dual side-by-side, 25" Wide-Screen monitors. I couldn't really scrunch it down any more without making it hard to read.)


Notice the tiny distance-bar at upper-right. That's a 2-mile bar. This trail is 50 miles+/- from end-to-end. There is a road underneath all those icons, with 1 transmission line on one side, & 2 of them on the other. The caches are set an average of about 1250 feet apart on each of the outside power-lines. Those lines are about 550 feet apart, & there is almost always a cooresponding cache directly opposite of all the rest. Basically, you have 2 complete trails, 550 feet apart.

There are a total of approx. 525 caches in this 50 miles, or about 7% of the total amount in the entire state of Arkansas. Around 1 out of every 15 caches in our state would fit on this single trail.

Evidently no one has ever done it in one day, since the current record of about 450 is being claimed by a group which cached in Colorado. I'm not sure 1 person COULD do it in a day. Four people probaly could, by starting at the 4 opposite corners & working inward. I don't know if that would be fun or not, probaly closer to self-inflicted punishment, but I sure would like to try it once .... but most likely ONLY once. This could never be done in Arkansas, since our power-trails were restricted with an extra guideline almost the same month they were made legal.

I can't even really figure out what the best way to work a trail like this would be. The way it's set up, they aren't along-side only 1 road .... most aren't even on the main road at all. Each of the transmission towers has an access road which leaves the main road at usually something close to a 90 degree angle. So to DRIVE these caches would require going down the road about 500 feet, then 250 feet down a trail, find the cache, back to the road, go another 500 feet, down another 250 feet trail .... all the way to the end.

Sounds like a good way to torture a vehicle out in the desert. They highly recommend a 4WD, high clearence vehicle, so evidently they planned on people driving it. But for someone in good shape, I'm not sure if it wouldn't be quicker just to walk out about 2 miles on one side (8-10 caches), then cross over to the one 550 feet away & back to your rig. Another way, as long as you had someone to pick you up, would be to work it in a zig-zag fashion .... find a cache, cross over 550 feet to the next, then 1,250 feet down the line to that one, cross over to the opposite one, rinse & repeat. If you did the entire trail by that method, you'd gain about 1,600 feet every mile of trail, because of the cross-overs. So you'd wind up walking around 65-70 miles to complete the entire 50 mile trail.

Sounds like fun. Anyone want to put together an official Arkansas Geocachers Tackle-The-California-Trail Group? I'm in. :lol: 8)

P.S. This was almost surely a group effort, since the owner of all of them is the NGA, which has 636 hides, but only 2 finds. :P They have at least 3 more much smaller trails in the immediate vicinity, one of which is visible on this map. Another one is almost an extension of this big trail, starting about 2 miles off-map at upper-right. A person could very easily pick up 1,000 caches here, within an area of about 50 X 75 miles, within just a week or two .... and only drive down about 5 roads.

03-21-2010, 02:49 PM
Sounds like an awesome power trail. Why could you not drive one way and do all the caches on that side of the road and then turn around and come back doing the caches on the opposite side of the road. You would be stopping every 1200 feet or so and could maybe walk the 250' off road to each cache. THis sounds like about a 10 day trip. Driving out and caching and then driving back to Ark.

03-21-2010, 03:31 PM
Well after looking at the map I see that my ideal would not be feasible.
Driving and stopping that many times would play havoc on a vehicle but I read a few of the longs and saw where some had done around 400 in 23 hours.
If you could put together two teams of two (one team for each side) and maybe a 5th person as a driver , it might could be done in one day.
I am lucky to get the 50 or so caches on the power trails around here in one day.
There is an 84 cache trail in Oklahoma that I am thinking about doing,

03-21-2010, 06:03 PM
Would you share one of the GC #'s of the 84 power trail in Oklahoma with all of us? We can't seem to find it. Thanks

03-21-2010, 06:06 PM
Nukework must have been reading my mind. :lol: That was the same question that I had. Where in Okilahoma is the 84 cache trail? :roll:

03-21-2010, 06:19 PM
Check under the Sooners caches hidden. It should be called Country Road Series. Or you could look under my caches found on Memorial Day Weekend last year. Been there, done that, it was awesome! Actually, they have added to it since last year, and I am going to Kansas this weekend...

03-21-2010, 06:37 PM
THis sounds like about a 10 day trip. Driving out and caching and then driving back to Ark.

As long as the group wasn't over 15 people, we could take my airplane. 8)

03-21-2010, 06:40 PM
Thanks for the info QC. The Country Road Series seems to have 38 total. A GC number to get you there would be GC1MW37. It is Northwest of Tulsa. According to the above posts, there is another power trail that has 84 caches. Anyone know where it is?
QC ... we think that the power trail in CA is calling your name!

03-21-2010, 07:32 PM

Here are a couple of links to bookmark lists of the power trail that is shown in the pic in astrodav's post. I believe they are calling it "Trail of the Gods"

Trail of the Gods Part 1 Letters A-I (http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=49dc633d-b2e3-439d-87e0-1b02718c2d39)

Trail of the Gods Part 2 Letters J-Z (http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=12f0c0f7-f0a1-4d0f-8eac-e75f7c71887c)

03-21-2010, 07:53 PM
I will get you the information in just a little bit. I have it written down at home but am at work right now. I think I can find it again. I am thinking it is fairly new and it is 84 caches.

03-21-2010, 08:00 PM
Yeah, I think all of the caches on that big trail are named after mythological Gods, lots of Roman & Greek I think.

One of the others in the area seem to be all named after phobias.

03-21-2010, 09:01 PM
The Red Rock Run may be the one that is being discussed. That one as about 75 caches, but picking up the close ones unrelated to the trail itself, most especially several at the very end in a state park, will net you about 92 in an approx. 34 mile run. They become far apart in a couple sections. It's just out of El Reno, around 20 miles west of OKC. Not sure what happened to the quality of this screenshot, but it's good enough for this purpose:


The first cache is over here:


.... or GC24RCN. There is also a 10-year event scheduled at the end of that trail. Not sure if it's on the same day as ours or not.

As long as you're going to Oklahoma, might as well head south of Lawton to the caching commune of "Cashion Community", then up near Bartlesville & take a tour of the factory where they assemble our little-bitty containers. :lol: 8)


03-21-2010, 10:37 PM
Yes this the the Red Rock Run Series.
GC24RCn is # 1 and GC24VZX is #78

I am planning on doing this run if anyone is interested in teaming up.

03-21-2010, 10:53 PM
Give me a date & I can probaly do it. It'll have to be after the April 11th MOGA event however, or this one will mess up my 1,000 goal .... if we do the 100 at Jessieville this weekend.

If someone else wants to do it with you instead, won't hurt my feelings any. But I can almost always go anywhere at most anytime, as long as I have at least a week's notice & it doesn't interfere with the 2-3 VA appts that my father & I have to make each month. But I always have those dates at least 3-5 weeks in advance.

I think our next ones are the 31st of this month & the 7th of April.

03-21-2010, 11:14 PM
I am trying to get all the events marked on my calender. Also looking at vacation days to see what I can move around. As soon as I can come up with a date or maybe two for an option I will post them here. I was reading on some of them and they are suppose to be pretty much park and grabs with no bushwhacking.

03-22-2010, 06:04 AM
Since you guys are looking at Power Trails take a look at this.

GC24WZ4- E.T. Highway Invasion!


This trail of 1,000 caches has not been published. It is obvious they are working with their reviewer because the trail is suppose to be published the night before the event.

The trail that started this thread is just south west of Las Vegas. This trail will be north of Las Vegas.

03-22-2010, 12:04 PM
That would be an odd trail because that highway already has lots of caches. Kinda like a Power-Trail-Within-A-Non-Power-Trail. :) :) I really see no reason NOT to do something like that. Nevada has plenty of area, lots of it uninhabited. But then so does Arkansas .... it's called the Ouachita Nat'l Forest & is pretty much devoid of caches in many places. :evil:

If I were caching in Nevada, I would personally rather seek out ones which have history or geological stories behind them, such as ghost-towns & old mines. But it would definitely be a blast to hit one of these extremely long trails just once in a lifetime.