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02-18-2010, 08:28 AM
Amid concerns by the membership over deleted forum posts, your ArkGeo Board of Directors have been working diligently the last few weeks to put into place guidelines to insure that everyone's right to express their opinions will never be denied. As a result, we have adopted a set of Moderator Guidelines that will govern moderator actions and should prevent any future concerns over censorship. You can find them under Content>ArkGeo Documents>Arkansas Geocachers Association Moderator Guidelines or click on this LINK (http://www.arkgeocaching.org/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=13) to view them. These guidelines are a work in progress and some revisions may be made, so check back often.

Your ArkGeo Board of Directors encourage an open forum where everyone can express their opinion without fear of censorship. While these new guidelines are directed towards moderators, please remember our Forum Posting Guidelines HERE (http://www.arkgeocaching.org/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=3)when making a post and always be respectful to others when expressing your opinions.