View Full Version : ArkGeo Board Meeting Minutes January 8th, 2010

02-03-2010, 08:48 PM
Board Meeting
January 8, 2010

Present: Frank Philpott, Beth Daniel, Pat Vaughn, Mike Beavers, Richard Lee, (via phone) Mike Pinkston, David Spicer, Jerry Turner, and Mark Schneider (Assistant Website Manager).

Not Present: Bert Drake

Guests: Wayne Lunsford and Brian Landers.

Call to order: Pat Vaughn, president, called the business meeting to order at 6:30.

Reports were presented by the following:
Pat Vaughn - Presidents report
Beth Daniel - Treasurers Report
Mike Beavers - Election Committee
Richard Lee - Events Committee
Brian Landers _ Fund Raising Committee

The future of the Website Continuity Committee was decided as follows: It will be discontinued. We now have Co-Website Manager who will be consulting with the Manager on issues of continuity.

The Board voted to partner with the State Parks on maintenance of the ParkCache series.

The Board decided to defer further discussion of MOGA unti the next meeting.

Officers were elected as follows:
Immediate Past President Pat Vaughn
President David Spicer
Vice President Richard Lee
Treasurer Beth Daniel
Secretary Mike Beavers
They will officially take office July 1st. Frank Philpott and Jerry Turner will be rotating off the Board.

The Board voted to move the next Board meeting to April 16 and will be held at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.