View Full Version : RIP little gpsmap 60C

10-30-2009, 08:38 AM
We were geocaching on our way back from Eureka Springs when we dropped the GPS unloading at a rest stop near Harrison. Well, the screen is busted cutting our "geocaching back home" into a boring ole driving back home routine instead. So we were talking about coming to the event this weekend, but without a GPS we'll be going for the visit I guess.

So I called Garmin up and it is about 90 bucks for a replacement unit of the same kind and that is the way we may go. I asked about getting a csX, but they said that would violate something or another and that it has to be for the same model. I may try and include a "bribe" in the box with a note to see if they can mix it up some (like arby coupons or something :) So with that being said, does anyone have a busted csX I could send in instead? I'm also keeping my eyes looking on ebay and on groundspeak forums to see if something pops up. We would love to have one of the new fancy garmin touchscreens, but I think we'll have to wait till after Christmas for an expenditure that high. Please let me know of any good deals around or if you know someone selling one.