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07-25-2009, 06:44 AM
Arkansas Geocachers Association

Board Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2009

Board Members Present: Frank Philpott, Pat Vaughn, Mike Pinkston, Beth Daniel, Mike Beavers, David Spicer, Richard Lee and Jerry Turner.

Board Members Not Present: Bert Drake.

Guests Present: Mark Schneider and Former Board Member Wayne Lunsford.

The business meeting was called to order by Pat Vaughn, President, at 6:30 p.m.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved as presented.

Reports were given in person by Frank Philpott (President's Report); Beth Daniel (Treasurer's Report and Election Committee Report); Mike Pinkston (Fund Raising Committee Report); Jerry Turner (Community Relations Committee Report); and Richard Lee (Events Committee Report). Reports were not available for the Website Manager or Special Committee for Website Management Continuity.

Unfinished Business:
Progress reports were given on the status of the current ArkGeo goals.

Celebrate Summer Event- Events Committee is going to check into this for the future.

Adopt-A-Trail Status- Rich is checking into this to get more information.

New Business:

The Board discussed the bylaws and standing rules concerning ArkGeo members who move to another State (not joining Arkansas) but after some discussion decided no action was necessary.

Board Member Election Procedures- A motion was made and approved to remove the wording from the Standing Rules stating that the Ballot would contain the Board's endorsement.

A motion was approved for ArkGeo to participate in the BSA Expo in Batesville on July 25. Pat Vaughn, Mike Pinkston and Richard Lee volunteered in helping with this.

Cachecrazies contacted Pat Vaughn to see if ArkGeo would be interested in taking over their part of the 6th Annual Jakes Event. A motion was approved to turn this over to the Events Committee.

A motion was made and approved that ArkGeo participate in a month long campaign to conduct trash clean up, trail maintenance, and other volunteer projects at Arkansas State Parks and with the U.S. Forest Service. That a press release be sent to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to announce the campaign. That the Community Relations Committee and Events Committee coordinate the campaign and establish a series of CITO events in conjunction with the projects to be held in different geographical locations and days and dates though out the state during the selected month.

Mike Pinkston Volunteered to be the Fund Raising Liaison.

Richard Lee volunteered for the Events Liaison.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for October 9, 2009 UCA.

The meeting adjourned approximately 9:00 PM