View Full Version : WE WERE WRONG!!! Membership in ArkGeo if You Move Away

07-13-2009, 08:04 PM
At the ArkGeo annual meeting event at Lake Ouachita State Park, the Board was asked if a member could continue their membership if they moved out of Arkansas. The answer presented at that time was that the membership could continue only if the new home of the member was in a state bordering Arkansas.

This question was discussed at length during the Board meeting held last Friday, July 10th. After much discussion and a review of the Bylaws, it was concluded that the response provided at the annual meeting was incorrect.

According to the ArkGeo Bylaws (Article II, Section 2), an applicant for membership must be a resident of Arkansas or a bordering state. However, the Board determined that this applied only to applicants, and once an applicant became a member of ArkGeo, they would continue as an ArkGeo member even if they moved to another state that was not bordering Arkansas, or even to another country, if they chose to remain as a member.

The Board apologizes for providing an incorrect answer to the question. :oops: We will need to pull out a copy of the Bylaws at the next annual meeting when we get a question like that! Or at least make a note of the question and say, “We’ll get back to you on that!”