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04-24-2009, 12:12 PM
Arkansas Geocachers Association

Board Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2009

Board Members Present: Frank Philpott, Wayne Lunsford, Pat Vaughn, Mike Pinkston, Beth Daniel, and Jerry Turner. Rich Swanson (Via Phone).

Board Members Not Present: Bert Drake and David Spicer

Guests Present: Donna Pinkston, Tim Stone (BSA 534), and Richard Lee (idratherbehiking)

The business meeting was called to order by Frank Philpott, President, at 6:30 p.m.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved as presented.

Reports were given in person by Frank Philpott (President's Report); Beth Daniel (Treasurer's Report and Election Committee Report); Rich Swanson (Fund Raising Committee Report); Jerry Turner (Community Relations Committee Report); and Richard Lee (Events Committee Report). Reports were not available for the Website Manager or Special Committee for Website Management Continuity.

Unfinished Business:
Progress reports were given on the status of the current ArkGeo goals.

A motion was approved for the Events Committee to spend up to $250.00 for the 2009 Annual Membership Event at Lake Ouachita State Park.

A motion was approved to have 200 Pathtags custom made for the 2009 Annual Membership Event.

Board approved the removal of two committee members at the request of the committee chairman.

New Business:

The Board reviewed the list of Board nominees and voted to recommend to the general membership Tim Stone (BSA534) and Richard Lee (idratherbehiking) as new Board members.

A motion was approved to change the wording in the Election section of the Standing Rules to be consistent with the Bylaws. The revised wording shall read as follows (changes are underlined):

The Election Committee will post the full ballot of nominees (Real Names and ArkGeo usernames) to the website at least two days prior to the beginning to the voting period. this ballot will also include the Board-recommended slate of nominees and the number of available Board positions. In addition, the Election Committee will send a notification (including the finalized ballot) to all Voting Members at least two days prior to the beginning to the voting period.

A motion was approved for ArkGeo to sponsor a WWFM Event to be set up by Beth Daniel (Topkitty98) in May.

A motion was approved to buy a second display table like the one purchased earlier.

Pat Vaughn volunteered to set up a display at the BSA Faulkner County Event to be held April 25. A request will be posted in the Forums to request volunteers.

A motion was approved to establish an Assistant Webmaster position.

A motion was approved to allow the Events Committee chairman full access to ArkGeo's Geocaching.com account.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for July 10, 2009 in Conway, Arkansas at UCA.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 PM.