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03-26-2009, 09:08 PM
I have a friend who is wanting to buy a GPS. Heís not really into geo caching (Iím still working on that) but he hunts and fishes so wants it to mark his favorite hunting and fishing spots. He doesnít want to spend a lot of money so I suggested the Garmin e trex Legend because I know quite a few people who use them and are pleased with their performance. He has used my Garmin Map 60 csx and likes the fact that the rocker is on the front as opposed to the side like the Legend. He has looked at the Lowrance Ifinder H2O and likes that because the rocker is on the front and itís in about the same price range as the Legend. He is unsure about Lowrance GPSís because there hasnít been much written about them. Is anybody out there familiar with this particular GPS and if so could you tell us a little bit about their performance pros and cons?