View Full Version : Volunteers Needed - Boy Scout Extravaganza '09 Sat. 4/4/09

03-13-2009, 07:24 AM
The Arkansas Geocachers Association has been invited to the Boys Scouts of America Camporee Event called Extravaganza '09 on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 at Fort Chaffee near Fort Smith.

ArkGeo will be setting up a booth at the Boy Scout event to promote geocaching and the Arkansas Geocachers Association. The booth will be set up at the event from about 7:45 AM until approximately 6:00 PM. The booth will be staffed with volunteers from ArkGeo who will hand out ArkGeo brochures. The booth will have some caches on display along with some travel bugs and geocoins.

There will be 5 temporary caches for the Boy Scouts to find that will be set up in an area designated for our use. The boys will be given the coordinates to the temporary caches so they can find them.

We are looking for volunteers to help staff the booth and assist the Scouts with their hunts and using GPSrs for caching.

NOTE: This is NOT a geocaching event. It is NOT open to just everyone. It is being held on an area of Fort Chaffee with monitored/limited access.

Anyone who would be willing to volunteer to help (even if for only a couple of hours) with this please send me an email to [email protected]

I need to know who is going to help and send their names to the Scouts by March 18th so they can add their names to the list at the main gate to allow entry onto Fort Chaffee.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

David Spicer