View Full Version : Randolph County Meet and Greet article

07-18-2008, 08:44 AM
I've never done this before so I'm not sure if it will work or not but...

The July 17th issue of the Jonesboro Sun had a nice article about the Randolph County Meet and Greet in Pocahontas Saturday. Hopefully the link below will work so everyone can take a peek!

http://www.jonesborosun.com/archivedsto ... Geocaching (http://www.jonesborosun.com/archivedstory.php?ID=33906&Search=Geocaching)

07-18-2008, 01:23 PM
This sounds like such a fun event! Wish I could be 2 places at once. I hope you have a great turnout. Please plan another one soon!