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07-17-2008, 09:28 AM
I recently made a trip back home to Ohio and while out caching I stumbled across a Travel Bug like no other. There called Ultimate Sacrifice and the tags look like Military Dog Tags. A cacher named USA 45 has put one out for every Soldier from Ohio that has been KIA in either Afgahistan or Iraq. While visiting a TB Hotel in my home town of Nelsonville Ohio I stumbled accross another Ultimate Sacrifice TB that had been made for my cousin LCPL James F. Freer who had been KIA in Anbar Province Iraq a few months ago. It was very emotional to grab a TB of a cousin out of a cache. I contacted the owner and she told me that out of over 300 TB's she put out, I was the first family member to find one. she gave me permission to keep the TB and escort it around. I also talked to the owner about a good friend of mine SSgt John T. Self from Little Rock AFB that I had been deployed overseas with and worked with that had been KIA in Iraq little over a year ago. I mentioned that I would like to purchase a tag and make one for him. USA 45 created one for SSgt Self and gave it to me to also escort around with my cousin. I live in the Ward area and you might see the TB's parked in one of my cache's. If anybody would like to experience these great TB please contact myself and i would be glad to meet and give you the oppertunity to discover these.

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07-30-2008, 09:51 PM
That is AWESOME! :) I'm so glad you ran across something like that. I have lost family in my past as well (not in the same manner, however) and I can imagine how emotional that must have been :cry: