View Full Version : Thank You to all those who have served!

05-26-2008, 08:24 AM
I want to take this time on Memorial Day to thank all of those men and women who are serving or have served our country in the armed forces and to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom throughout the years.

My family and church will continue to pray for those who are currently stationed around the world in dangerous places and hope they will all be able to come home soon as possible.

God Bless America and God Bless the Armed Forces!


05-26-2008, 09:24 AM
Thank you Paris1time for your post here.

I would also like to add my THANK YOU to all the Veterans and soldiers that are serving our country.

Those that are now serving in harms way also receive our prayers for a safe return .

05-26-2008, 06:38 PM

I join you in extending my appreciation to all those who have served and are serving to keep America free. We all own these great individuals our very way of life and I thank God that there are those who are willing to take the forefront and stand between us and those who would take that freedom away. God bless America and God bless these courageous men and women of our armed forces.

05-26-2008, 07:28 PM
Thanks to all who have served.
Without your sacrifices we would not have the greatest country in the world.

05-27-2008, 10:47 AM
Hey, me too!

I know that RugerPilot and bebopishere have both been overseas in the desert. Do we have others who have also been?

I know in my school and my other job, I run across many who have to go to the desert to serve many times and they do so without complaint. Senior years for their kids, unborn babies who don't wait, kids who learn to drive, try out for sports teams, go to proms, elementary talent shows, etc. etc. etc. They sacrifice all this and so much more. Then we have the families who make the ultimate sacrifice and give up their AirMan / soldier / guardsperson/ etc.

I used to think that Memorial Day and Veterans Day was all about those like my Daddy who had served "back in the day", but the true picture is that it is not only them - but a whole new generation who goes all over the world, all the time. Deserts, Korea, etc. etc.

Thank you very much.

Beth >^..^<