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05-19-2008, 09:19 AM
ArkGeo Board meeting
April 25, 2008

Present: In person – Wayne Lunsford, Frank Philpott, Pat Vaughn, Beth Daniel, Jerry Turner, Bert Drake
By teleconference: Gunnar Wright, Rich Swanson

Submission of minutes of last meeting: Minutes of the January 11 and the February 7 Board meetings were read and approved. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the reading of the minutes online as our official approval in the future.

Treasurer’s report:
Balance as of 12-30-07: $ 2343.96
Balance as of 04-30-08: $ 1787.82

Total by check: $ 1008.09
To Lunsford $199.00 for conference phone
To Russellville Printing 475.08 for t-shirts (Fund Raising)
To WalMart 7.79 for office supplies
To HogEye 326.22 for hiking medallions (Fund Raising)

Deposits: Total: $ 451.95
From Bank 1.51 for interest
From Bank 30.00 *
From PayPal 81.03 for donation
From PayPal 9.41 for donation
From Check 20.00 for donation (Philpott)
From Check 310.00 for donation **

* reverse 3 months service charges when switched to non profit account
** anonymous donation designated for hiking medallions

Website Manager’s report was given. Bert has worked out the details for new icons to appear in the forums under the names of Voting Members. We will be moving to a new web site host soon. During this move, the web site could be down for up to two days. Bert will be talking with Beth about getting the billing for the new web site host to be done through Paypal. After moving to the new host, we will be upgrading to new web site software.

Election Committee Report: Election has been setup and online voting will be open from May 1 to May 30. New board members will be announced at the ArkGeo Event on May 31.

Fund Raising Committee Report: Merchandise will only be sold at select Arkansas events. Sales of shirts and medallions at the Clarksville event totaled $540. It is the committee’s recommendation that we do not use CafePress.com. The Board concurred. There are no current plans to produce a new ArkGeo geocoin at this time.

Community Relations Committee Report: A trifold pamphlet has been created and will be available soon on our website. It is designed for land managers, city officials, etc. that want to know more about geocaching and ArkGeo.

Events Committee Report: Latest progress on 2008 ArkGeo Social and CITO Event at Lake Catherine: Park has graciously donated the pavilion to us for the weekend. There will be about 9 new permanent caches hidden and several more temporary caches hidden for the event. SJclimber has also hidden two night caches. Several donations received, including hot dogs from Petit Jean Meats and drinks from Coca-Cola.

Motion approved to donate 5 shirts and 10 medallions to the ArkGeo Event at Lake Catherine.

The following Board members were appointed as committee liaisons:
Max Slaughter – Fund Raising
Jerry Turner – Community Relations
Pat Vaughn – Events
Beth Daniel – Election

Frank Philpott was elected as liaison to Fund Raising beginning on June 1.

The following revisions to the bylaws were unanimously approved:

Article VI, Section 1: Add “Committee Liaisons. There will be a Board liaison for each ArkGeo committee. Committee liaisons will be appointed by the Board. Each liaison will be responsible for overseeing the committee, providing committee reports to the Board, proposing committee budgets to the Board, and ensuring that the committee follows organizational procedures.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
Article V, Section 1, duties of the Vice-President: Remove “Oversee the committees of Community Relations, Fundraising, and Election."[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
Article VI: Add section “Events Committee. The Events Committee shall exist to plan and schedule events, including the annual General Membership Meeting.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]

Unanimously approved the following additions to the Standing Rules:

“All ArkGeo expenditures must be approved by the Board as a specific amount. The Board may also choose to budget a specific amount to a committee for a particular purpose. In these cases, the committee will be informed of the amount that has been budgeted. The committee will then explore ideas and develop a plan, then present that plan to the Board for final approval. In all cases, receipts will be presented to the Treasurer for all expenses.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“The ArkGeo bank account will be setup so that no withdrawals can be made without a signature from the Secretary or Treasurer.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“The ArkGeo bank account number will not be given to anyone except the Secretary and the Treasurer.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“Responsibility for physical inventory and accounting of any merchandise purchased for the purpose of resale will lie with the Fund Raising Committee.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“Each officer will be responsible for maintaining a “procedure manual” for their office which will be passed on to the successor to their position at the end of their term.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“Board meetings will be held on the second Friday of the months of January, April, July, and October.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“The Election Committee will post the full ballot of nominees (real name and ArkGeo username) to the website within two weeks of the day nominations close. This ballot will also include the Board-recommended slate of nominees and the number of available Board positions. In addition, the Election Committee will send a notification (including the finalized ballot) to all Voting Members during this two-week period.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“Voter registration will be closed from the day nominations close to the day the election closes (April 1 – June 1 in most cases).”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]
“Every attempt will be made to schedule the Annual Membership Meeting so that it closely follows the close of the election.”[/*:m:bk3kprfc]

Next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be July 11th at 6 PM.