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05-13-2008, 09:58 AM
I expect that there are others out there that like to camp and cache at the same time, as Butcherknife and I do. In that vein, I post this paste I made on another forum, that provides a free place to camp while geocaching in the Daisy, Kirby, Salem and Glenwood area. Cachemates and others have placed lots of great caches in this area, and one can spend a long weekend caching their brains out every day. With the price of gasoline spiraling constantly higher, a free place to camp might help to offset the cost of caching for all. Here is the paste from the Oliver Forums Boondocking thread:
Found a place to Boondock that you really like and are willing to share with other Ollie Owners ? Here is the place to list the directions, coordinates, photos, videos, descriptions and nearest food, fuel, bait, dump station, ect..
Let's start this thread off with a free place to camp, and it's right on the water !
Elevation= 701 feet above sea level
Coordinates= 34* 12.463 North 093* 45.622 West
Rock Creek is a large inlet off of the main body of Lake Greeson. Water sports such as water skiing are not allowed on that part of the lake. It is a fisherman's part of the lake and it is quiet.
This inlet is calm and an ideal location for a kayak, canoe, foldbote or john boat. Boat launching is from an old road that goes down into the lake. A shallow draft water craft such as a canoe can travel up into the far reaches of rock creek for some really great pan fish fishing ! There are no signs with all of the usual postings such as, " no lifeguard present, swim at your own risk", or, "road ends in the water". There is no fee drop slot and any ranger that seldom makes a patrol round gives a friendly wave as they pass by. The campsites are at the end of a dead end road, traffic is very light.
No water, no electricity, no dump station. There is however a recently refurbished vault type toilet, with tissue provided. The last time we were here the roof of the outhouse was covered with badly deteriorared and moss covered wood shingles. It now has new screens and new asphalt shingles on the roof, to go with a new coat of paint.
At the time of this visit there were a total of three campers there, a 34 foot fith wheel, a school bus camper and a 20 foot travel trailer.
A short distance West of Daisy Arkansas, on US Hwy. 70, you will turn South at this sign:
Coordinates for this turn= 34* 14.212 North 093* 50.482 West
The turn is posted with a sign indicating 6.2 miles to Rock Creek. It is all gravel roads from here on.
While driving to the turn off to Rock Creek, you will pass the nearest location for Gasoline, groceries, fishing tackle and live bait. This is a "Mom & Pop" business, located at "THE STAR OF THE WEST" recreational area, located right on US Hwy 70 where it crosses the Little Missouri River.
Coordinates on US Hwy 70 = 34* 14.429 North 093* 50.003 West
This is a really good rural general store and there is a "whittlin' and spittin' bench out front where critical information such as, " what are they a' bitin' on today ? " is traded daily. It is a wildlife check station and many of the local oudoorsmen have a photo on the wall proudly displaying a trophy Turkey or Bass.
Here is a three minute video clip showing the last part of the road to the campsite and a quick look around once there:
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y13/mountainborn0/th_05-11-08_1053.jpg (http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y13/mountainborn0/?action=viewĄt=05-11-08_1053.flv)
At the time of this writing, there was no time limit on how long a camper could stay posted, but you might be reminded of the 14 day stay limit before you have to move to another site.