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03-22-2008, 03:30 PM

This event has been Rescheduled please see post below.

gc.com address:
http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_de ... 480923aaf7 (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b4514c82-2b81-4665-8dcd-7e480923aaf7)

We are planning a CITO event during September 20th at the Long Pool Recreation Area above Dover, specifically around the Dover overlook aka "Dover Lights" . Please keep this date in mind and try to come out and help us clean up this beautiful area. Please pass the word on to anyone else who uses this area so they can help keep it beautiful.

We are planning to clean up several areas and have a lunch. We have several local businesses that have donated door prizes for this event and are still obtaining sponsors. Please contact me at jclaudii at yahoo.com or 47Nine.264.0827 if you would like to help. Please keep an eye on the cache page for all changes in the coming weeks. I will try and keep this page up to date as well, but the cache page will be the most up to date. This page will be used mainly for active discussions about the event.

I am also going to invite members of the Arkansas Canoe Club to join in our efforts. Since this is a multi-use area, I wanted everyone to get out and do there part. We have tons of support from the local Forest Service so please thank them if you get a chance for help making this event happen.

Thank you and we hope to see you there,


03-24-2008, 10:14 AM
Looks like it's gonna be a great event!! I have been to two CITO events and it reall makes you feel good to give back. I took my kids with me and they had a great time too. I work on the weekends now or I'd come up and help you out. Good luck and have fun!!

03-27-2008, 07:20 AM
Already got a few great door prizes lined up. This is shaping up to be a great event. Keep an eye out for the updates I make to the cache page. Thanks.

04-08-2008, 08:17 AM
Just wanted to bump this to the top in hopes people will click on it and come on out. I look forward to seeing everyone there that weekend for a fun time cleaning up.

04-14-2008, 01:39 PM
We are having to postpone our event due to lack of participants and several members already engaged in other events on the same date. We will reschedule it for a later date and we are open to any date recommendations. Feel free to discuss all plausible dates within this thread.


04-14-2008, 10:17 PM
Sorry, way too much going on April 26. I can make any weekend except May 31 and June 1. You post when and where and I will try my best to be there.
CITO's are a great events and lets see how many other cachers are willing to give a little back!

04-17-2008, 09:11 AM
Great! I want to come to this event, but I also wanted to go to the other one the same weekend. Now I can do both! Anxiously waiting for a new date. Hopefully before it is too hot/muggy/buggy! :)


05-21-2008, 10:42 AM
As of now I'm looking at a date sometime in September(perhaps the 20th). I will be starting the process all over again and contacting the Forest Service to get permission and supplies. Please provide me some feedback with how you feel about this date. Thank you.


05-21-2008, 01:38 PM
We'll be there. Thanks for putting all of this together.

05-21-2008, 08:20 PM
That date sounds good to me. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. Hopefully no one else will plan another event for that same weekend. Maybe I'll host a dinner event the night before at Ryans for the folks coming in from out of town.

05-24-2008, 07:25 PM
I will Be there!
Writing it in INK!

05-30-2008, 02:52 PM
I have updated this page along with the actual cache page and put it back online. I want to use this thread as a discussion area for this event. I will start a spreadsheet with everyone who is attending. Thanks for joining this great event!

06-03-2008, 09:21 AM
Thanks for the quick sign-ups! I was reading some of the notes and I think that bluesybreeze made a great comment. That "with all the controversy about cache fees, it would be good to show them the great things that geocachers do for the national forests."

To those that said they would come, how many people will be in your party? I need to try and keep up with this to get a headcount for pizza hopefully.

I will be updating the page for those attending to include how many in your party. If you also want to go ahead and be penciled in for some food/drink/prize item let me know.

Thank you!

06-20-2008, 07:30 AM
Wanted to bump this back towards the top so everyone will look at it and possibly pencil in the date on their calendars.


06-20-2008, 10:25 AM
My wife and I hope to attend, but we are waiting until the date is a little closer to post a "Will Attend" and commit. We really want to make this one and hope nothing keeps us from it. Thanks again for doing this CITO for the community and geocaching!

08-13-2008, 09:09 PM
At the request of Jclaudii and southerngirl ARKGEO is now co sponsoring this event for September 20th. This event is a great way for us to give back to the Ozark National Forest who has always given great support to geocaching. It could also prove to be some good ammunition to help with the current situation with the Ouachita National Forest. The Events Committee is working with Jclaudii and southerngirl to plan and execute this CITO event. We will be able to reserve a few campsites and get the fee waived for this event. We just need a headcount and which nights (Friday, Saturday, or both0. I was thinking we could all get together around the campfire on Friday night for a weenie roast. There is also a great nighttime cache in the area that we could go find too. We will possibly be getting pizza for lunch but it would be great if someone could bring some side items and desserts. If you plan on attending this event please post a will attend note on the cache page along with the number of people attending, what nights you will be camping, and what items you will bring for lunch. We could use all the help we can get on this event. Any help will be greatly appreciated, not to mention how much fun we all can have while doing it. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

08-14-2008, 03:38 PM
At the request of Jclaudii and southerngirl ARKGEO is now co sponsoring this event for September 20th.

That's GREAT news! Good job on the cooperative effort!

08-19-2008, 07:12 PM
I went back and posted the days we'll be camping. Are they going to waive the camping fee? That would be awesome! A big thanks to jclaudii, southerngirl, and the events committee.

08-25-2008, 08:13 AM
Yes the camping fee is going to be waived for everyone who lets me know ahead of time. I got a few more restaurants to participate in the door prizes, but it seems the majority of my door prizes are going to be food related :).

Does anyone know where to score some trash grabbers? I've called everywhere it seems and can't get my hands on some to borrow.

I bet the weather will be great and the water will be fantastic for the time of year. Perhaps we'll get lucky and it will rain a few days before the event to make the water flow better. There is a geocache "cascades of extinction" I've always wanted to grab that is on the river. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

09-02-2008, 09:54 AM
I'm afraid we will have to miss this event. Our daughter's baby shower is planned that day. Have a great event. Nukeworker and Racquetball Girl (Ken and Sue)

09-05-2008, 09:16 AM
Sorry your going to miss it Ken and Sue, but we understand the baby shower. Actually ours is going to be the following weekend of the CITO event. Hope you stir it up some by placing at least one temporary cache at the shower for the mother-to-be to find :)

Everyone the event is still going as planned, but I have not had very many people sign up since the updated listing came out. Please if you don't have anything to do that day come out and help us clean. If you need a ride, post it up and we'll see if we can carpool to help everyone out. Remember the camping fee is being waived if you want to camp on Friday. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

09-07-2008, 04:36 PM
We will be having a Hot Dog Roast and Camp Out Friday night. Be sure to check out This Link (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7eb5a1fc-92b8-44d6-ac9a-8fdbb1449a21) for more details. So come on out and enjoy a night around the campfire with us before the CITO event on Saturday. Just look at this as a 2 for 1 event weekend and a great opportunity to give back to the Ozark National Forest for all of their support of geocaching in the area.

09-09-2008, 09:38 AM
Alright, A Weenie Roast!

Richard, check your e-mail I have a few questions. :D

09-17-2008, 10:50 AM
I need some help please. For those who ARE NOT camping and are coming up on SATURDAY MORNING THROUGH RUSSELLVILLE, could you swing by paradise donuts and pick up the 3 dozen I have for the event at your earliest convience. They will have them ready before 7:30 and ready for pick up at that time.

Please let me know if anyone can do this on their way, at least you get first picks on the donuts :)

09-17-2008, 05:24 PM
Do you think there will be any left by the time they get there? Seriously, we really would appreciate the help if someone could stop by and grab these on the way.

09-17-2008, 08:33 PM
I sure wish I could attend, Son Zach AKA (ShadowHound) has a football game. Hope to make the next one.

09-18-2008, 05:26 AM
Well, it's official, Saturday is work day at my deer camp. Since I am the Pres., I see no way out of this. I scheduled it last year, and despite my best efforts to change it, too many others have already planned around it. Y'all have a great time, and post lots of photos! :(

09-18-2008, 06:44 PM
I can't stay for the CITO event, because of a prior commitment, but I can make time early Saturday morning to pick up the doughnuts and bring them to Long Pool. -- ORR

09-18-2008, 07:26 PM
Thank you so much OldRiverRunner. The donuts will be at paradise donuts and will be ready to go by 7am. We really appreciate it. Sorry you can't stay long.

09-18-2008, 10:04 PM
Ranger Hope said he is reserving camp loop B for us, but you are welcome to camp in another loop if you would like to. Just put up something saying you are with us on the post and all fees will be waived.
Remember to put your day-use tag up in your windshield and write on it that you are with the geocaching/clean-up event so they can keep up with how many people fees were waived for.
Looks like all of our food donations have pulled through. ORR is picking up donuts for us on Saturday morning and southerngirl will be picking up the pizza from Dominoes that day for lunch. We do have some drinks donated, but you might want to bring your own also.
Lets make this a great event!

09-26-2008, 08:30 AM
Thanks to everyone who attended, the event was a great success! We all managed to pick up dozens of bags of trash, and we even loaded up a sink and refrigerator door. I hope everyone had a good time as this was our first event to ever put on. I hope we can do it again next year sometime, perhaps in early spring though so the foliage is still not in the way of the trash. I'll get some pictures posted up soon. I hope everyone has a good time at the Searcy event.

I do need one bit of information.
To whomever won the GSAK program(or has it now), please e-mail me your name, geocaching name, and e-mail address so I can send the info on so you can unlock your program and use it's full potential. If someone else remembers who won it, please contact me and I will try and get the information from them offline.

Thanks again!

10-03-2008, 09:27 AM
Here is the link to the pictures on Photobucket http://s73.photobucket.com/albums/i201/jclaudii/geocaching/CITO%20Event%2008/. Here are a few for the lazy clickers. I'll update the event page as well as the photobucket with pictures and descriptions soon.

The overlook area
Relaxing :)
Getting Ready
Check this little guy out we found crawling around at the pavilion

After all was said and done, I came back the following weekend to grab my temp cache, it was gone(green ammo can on rock stairs) :( O-well, I guess I should have not forgot it on Sunday. Just letting you all know.