View Full Version : Shoudn't have done THAT......But I got the Smiley!

02-01-2008, 08:28 PM
Just curious if I am the only one that has the "Nothing stands in my way of getting a cache" attitude.

I have swam 200 yds. one way to an island on the lake to get a T.B., that was not there. (First T.B. to go after, I was excited)

I have taken my 2005 Honda Civic more places that a Cachemate wouldn't take his Chevy p/u. (Buck Knob)

I have been called "crazy" but I got the smiley and darn proud of it.

02-01-2008, 09:55 PM
I too have pushed the limit to get a find. The only time I have gotten my truck stuck is trying to get to a cache.

02-01-2008, 09:55 PM
Been there done that and you would not be a cacher if you did not do something CRAZY for a smiley!!!!!! LOL :P

02-02-2008, 05:22 AM
boy oh boy. having done most of my caching in Colorado, i still cant believe some of the situations i've found myself in. my advice is to cache with a partner that bring some sanity to the situation:) i'm surprised i never followed the Garmin arrow right off a cliff or something.

02-02-2008, 10:25 AM

02-05-2008, 12:18 PM
Hiker Ron, I've cached with a few folks around here and I'm not sure which I could call the "sanity" partners ---- HA HA HA

02-05-2008, 08:43 PM
Well, I guess I did let something get in my way in this case. I was in Texarkana in November and I was doing some caching one cold morning. I went out to a rural park to find a couple of caches. I located one quickly and then headed down a trail to look for another. What I didn't realize is that although the trail was inside the park, it went right down the edge of a fence line... I realized this when I heard gunshots coming from just a few 100 yards away... then I also realized it was opening weekend for deer season!

I quickly realized that no geocache is worth getting shot over, I bid a hasty retreat! :roll:

02-08-2008, 08:35 AM
GCTWA3. ArcThis. Big nasty hornets, tall canes, the threat of snakes and jackals, third country nationals, waterborne diseases, AND a perilous walk over a river to retrieve this micro. Still got the smiley... :D