View Full Version : A Saturday Caching in Little Rock

10-30-2007, 07:37 AM
My brother and I decided to spend a day caching around Little Rock. We were hoping to break our personal best day of 16 we set a few weeks ago (mostly in the Burns Park area). I set GSAK to only download 2/2's and below so that we could concentrate on easier finds to help beat our record. After I drove to LR to pick him up we grabbed some breakfast and headed out, found a few LPCs and by 10 we already had 3 finds out in WLR not far from his apartment.

We looked for Hail to the King but the GPS was way off and sent us on a wild goose chase (sometimes having maps is actually a bad thing). We decided to head across the river. We found a couple of quick caches like Off Your Rocker in NLR and got distracted looking for Highs and Lowes and almost missed it. We cached out toward Jacksonville and found a few there, but got stuck looking for JJR # 10 Cat Got Your Cache? (GPS was really off after I looked at it in google earth). We even went out to try a nighttime cache there in Jax but couldn't find the starting point.

Frustrated in the dark and still short of our goal, we made our way to downtown LR. Hit the Clinton Library, the Eagle, Arkansas Little Rock, Mr. Riverfest and back up to the Statehouse Convention Center. 5 urban caches after dark! We ended up with 19 for the day. We rewarded ourselves with a pizza at Damgoode Pies before I headed back to Conway. It was a fun day of caching around the LR area.