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10-17-2007, 04:48 PM
We have a Garmin etrex Legend that we cache with. It works great for us and our caching needs. I don't have any experience with the basic Garmin etrex (the yellow one). I bought the etrex Legend because it will interface with my computer and let me transfer waypoints to it from pocket queries. I don't the basic Garmin etrex will do that.

10-17-2007, 07:39 PM
My poor, poor GPSr won't WAAS enable anymore :cry:

I'm looking to replace it with a really basic unit (i.e. Cheap) until I upgrade later.
Are all Garmin Etrex units suitable for caching? I've found some good deals on eBay but I don't have any experience with them.
Also does anyone have any experience with Lowrance units?
Thanks :D

I didn't know that the yellow Etrex wouldn't interface with a computer!! We love our Etrex Legend. It's faithfully given us close to 1500 finds. Its problem is that it only interfaces via your serial port. Most new computers don't have serial ports, so you're looking at buying a USB to serial adapter too.

I wonder, though, about any GPSr's ability in the hills of west central and northwest Arkansas to routinely receive the equatorial sattelite's that transmit the WAAS correction signal?

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I then turned it off to replace the batteries and it hasn't enabled since.

Now we are getting somewhere. I used to have an etrex legend and it seems to me that everytime I replaced the batteries it went back to a default mode with WAAS off. You might browse around in the setup and find where you can turn it back on.

With the money you save you can forward me one diet caffein free Mountain Dew. Happy geocaching.


10-18-2007, 06:44 AM
I have an Etrex and I have been using it for a while. I do everything manually. I have a USB/Serial cable and last week I tried to get everythign to sync up, but I could not get the garmin drives to load -- basically I can't get my comp to recognize the GPS when I have it plugged in.

I'm hoping to upgrade to something later in the year.

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Though why you would want a caffeine free mountain dew is beyond me. That would be like non-alcoholic beer, what's the point.
Hey! Non-alcoholic beer sounds pretty good to me. It was always the taste I was after. A good cold brew on a really hot summer day really hit the spot. I could care less for the buzz. But after 35 years on the wagon I have quit craving it and have almost forgotten the taste.

Too much caffeine disrupts certain bodily functions which disrupts my sleep which leaves me too tired to go geocaching. Enough said.

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Garmin is a little hard to navigate thru the menu until you understand it. I had a Explorist and liked it. Now I carry a 60 CSx and love it! Magellens geocache software is not as easy to use as Garmins. The Triton looks good and with the sirfus starIII chip it should give the 60CSx a run for the money. I like my 60 and will not go back to Magellen. For $77 you didn't get hurt. I hope you enjoy it, anything is better than nothing or a broke gps.