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06-09-2007, 07:58 PM
I enjoy reading about other cachers vacation trips and what they saw and did, so I thought others might enjoy the same.

We decided to go to Indiana since we both lived there as kids and it was not a terrible long distance. Even though we did drive by my GPSr 1875 miles.

Woodwalker and I ordered a Ram Mount for our 60csx the same day. Ours come in the day before we left. That thing was great. I highly recommend it. We had not checked the mileage on Bonnie's Impala since we bought it and was not sure what kind of mileage it would get.
It got 29.5 mpg going and 26 mpg coming back. I think the wind was against us coming home.

We had caches along the route and did a few rest stops. We found mostly cemetery caches, a Historic bridge, ( Which we DNF ) old historic one room school house, A covered bridge in Amish country, (no cache there)
Our 1000th cache was " Picking up Posies" where we left Bonnie's TB.
We were amazed how many cemeteries there were so close together.
Some of the cemeteries were very old. Saw a Revolutionary War grave in a couple of cemeteries.

We went to Ohio and Amish country. Took a Buggy ride and clocked our speed with my GPS. about 3 mph. Best not be in a hurry.
Shopped in a couple of Amish stores. Couldn't figure out why we couldn't see the prices or anything else very well. Then the light come on, Well not really, That was the problem all along. The Had No Lights. No Electricity.

An Amish Farmer and myself kind of had a stand off. While at the covered bridge I noticed him raking hay with two horses and an old time hay rake. I thought I would get a picture of that. I did not know at the time that is a BIG NO NO.

I waited for him to come out from behind some trees, I waited, waited, and waited. I finally figured out he was not coming out in the open. So, I had to fake him out. I had Bonnie to move the car so he would think we had left. Sure enough it worked. He started raking again, then he saw me. He stopped the horses and backed them up behind the trees. It was to late I had the pictures.

We went to http://www.nickskitchen.net/ for their famous Pork Tenderloin. You had better go hungry. We got there just as they were closing, so we didn't spend much time looking around.

As we were leaving there I noticed a large ball of rubber bands about 5" in diameter laying in the street. I pick it up and bounce it a couple of times and the Boss told me to put that down. So, I put it down and it started rolling down the middle of the street. Cars were driving around it and it rolled for about a block and stopped close to our car. I just figured that ball of rubber bands was wanting to go south. I may make me a TB out of it and send it back to Indiana.

Oh Yea, They all said we talked funny. I told them it wasn't funny to us we talked this way all the time.

Now some one else go on vacation. We want to hear what happened to you. :lol:http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c34/1945Jero/100_1424.jpg

06-12-2007, 08:22 PM
:lol: Loved hearing about your trip! Sounds like you had a BLAST! -- ORR

06-12-2007, 09:08 PM
Jerry, I loved hearing about your trip. Especially the funny story about you trying to take the guys picture. Wonder if he had ever been faked out before?
I also checked Nicks Kitchen. That has got to be the largest Pork Tenderloin sandwich that I have ever seen.
Sounds like you all found some nice caches too. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Glad you guy had such a good time.